Dentistry in Sharpsburg

Schultz Family Dental is a dental center offering various services to offer warm and customized treatments to its patients in Sharpsburg. Dr. Anna Schultz has been offering services in the field of family, reconstructive as well as cosmetic dentistry for more than 3 years. The warmth and friendliness of Dr. Schultz and her staff have created long-term relationships with patients so that they enjoy their dental visits.

Preventive dentistry procedures

Preventive dentistry is a practice about caring for your teeth and making sure that they are kept healthy. These procedures help to avoid cavities, gum diseases as well as any wear and tear of the enamel. Patients in Sharpsburg can benefit from many preventive procedures at our dental clinic to ensure their teeth remain strong, white and clean.

Preventive dentistry services offered are:

Restorative dentistry procedures

Restorative dentistry is when various dental materials are used for the restoration of damaged teeth or in order to replace missing teeth. You can get a comprehensive restorative treatment at Schultz Family Dental when suffering from oral health issues that require care. Once the staff has reviewed your dental needs, some of the techniques may be overlapped by cosmetic procedures like modern restoration to help make your teeth look natural. The various restorative dentistry procedures offered in Sharpsburg are:

Cosmetic dentistry procedures

Cosmetic dentistry is meant for the improvement in appearance of the teeth; at the same time, it maintains the functionality of the tooth. The focus when Dr. Schultz and her staff choose cosmetic procedures remains on the shape, size, position and color of your tooth as well as your smile. Patients in Sharpsburg get the latest dental care and restore their beautiful smiles with these procedures:

About Sharpsburg

Part of the Atlanta metropolitan area, Sharpsburg is a town in the Coweta county of Georgia. Following in the footsteps of the state of Georgia, agritourism is the most important aspect of the area in and around Sharpsburg. You can enjoy the many farms in areas like Newnan and Peachtree which are in the vicinity of Sharpsburg.