Payment at Time of Service

Schultz Family Dental requires payment in full for your portion (anything not estimated to be covered by your insurance company) at the time of service. We accept Visa, Discover, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as cash and checks. For more extensive treatment plans, patients have the opportunity to earn a 5% off courtesy on any treatment plan over $2,500. For patients to receive this discount, their entire treatment plan must be paid in full, prior to treatment. We will still file a claim for insurance reimbursement as a courtesy.

Extended Payment Options

For patients with larger treatment needs, we also provide affordable financing options through CareCredit Dental Financing Plans.  CareCredit is designed specifically for healthcare-related expenses, and offers financing plans that feature no interest and low monthly payments. There are no annual fees, up-front costs, or pre-payment penalties. These plans can be spread out over a variety of time periods —anywhere from 3 to 60 months. Once you are approved, you can use CareCredit repeatedly to help manage health and wellness costs that are not covered by insurance. To learn more about CareCredit, visit

Dental Insurance

If you are fortunate enough to have dental insurance, congratulations! Dental benefits are based on a contract made between your insurance company and your employer, so you must contact your employer or insurance company directly, for any questions regarding coverage. At Schultz Family Dental, we accept all private care insurance plans (those plans that don’t require you to select your dentist from a list, or require our office to receive a reduced fee for treatment). While we will keep an updated computerized history of payment for services by a given company, these do change, often making it impossible to give a guaranteed quote at the time of service. We will estimate your portion of the payment, based on the newest information we have, and this is the amount that you will be responsible for at the time of service. It is important to understand that if your insurance company has not provided payment within 30 days, unpaid balances then become the responsibility of the patient. Due to difficulties in the past, we do not file secondary insurance. If your insurance pays you directly, you are responsible for payment in full, at the time of service.

Missed Appointments

When we schedule an appointment for you, we are reserving a specific amount of time for your treatment. We strongly encourage our patients to keep their appointments. We understand that emergencies happen, and that you may face a situation that prevents you from attending your appointment. We ask that patients give a 48-hour notice when this occurs, so that we can use the appointment time to treat another patient. If you miss more than one appointment, we will ask you to pay a $50 fee or prepay for your next appointment.


If you are experiencing a dental emergency, we will do our best to get you into the office. Because we will be working you into our schedule, we ask that you pay for your emergency visit in full, even if you have dental insurance, since we may not be able to verify your coverage at that time. If you are a patient of record in our office, we will file your insurance claim as usual, and only ask for your portion of payment.