Q: Can I still schedule an appointment with you if you don’t take my insurance?

A: Absolutely!  We “take” all insurance plans (except HMO or DMO plans that don’t allow you, as the patient, to pick a dentist that is not on a list provided to you by your insurance company)–which means that we will perform a complimentary check of your dental benefits, give you an estimate of your dental coverage for any procedures planned in our office, and file a claim for any services completed with your insurance company.

Q: What does it mean to be “in network” with an insurance company?  And what companies are you “in network” with?

A: If a dental practice is “in network” with an insurance company, it means that their practice has agreed to a reduced fee for any services completed for patients with these plans.  We are not “in network” with any dental insurance plans, because we do not believe that insurance companies should dictate the kind of care that we provide, and that our patients receive.  But this does not mean that any treatment you receive in our office becomes an out-of-pocket expense…if you give our office your insurance information in advance, we will perform a complimentary benefit check for you, based on your individual insurance plan.  That way, we can let you know whether or not you will have any out-of-pocket expenses before your appointment!

Q: What if you’re not “in network” with my insurance company?

A: You can still make an appointment with us (unless you have an HMO or DMO insurance plan that requires you to select your dentist from a pre-determined list provided by your insurance company)!  We file ANY and ALL PPO insurance claims in our office–and most out-of-network plans are great for patients in our practice!  While patients who are “in network” usually don’t pay out of pocket for preventive services, we find that most patients who are “out of network” rarely pay more than $10 out of pocket–if anything at all–for preventive care (cleanings, x-rays, exams).  For any major dental treatment, we will always file a pre-treatment estimate for our patients, so that we can review your coverage and benefits with you prior to beginning treatment.  If we ever notice a big difference between our fees and what your insurance plan will cover, we will always let you know before your appointment (as long as we have your insurance information prior to your first appointment so that we can call them to verify your benefits).  We like for our patients to be educated about their insurance coverage, and prepared for any out-of-pocket expenses.