For athletes seeking the best mouth guard option available, our custom-designed sports guards are a great fit!

What are Sports Guards?

A sports guard is a device that is worn over your teeth to protect them. Sports guards are an important piece of athletic equipment for those participating in any activities that involve body contact, flying equipment, or falls.  Because they are custom-made, they also allow for the best fit and comfort available. These guards are made of tear-resistant materials for long-lasting wear.

A custom sports guard is created from an exact model of your teeth. These guards are made up of tear-resistant materials for long-lasting wear. Your sports guard will be comfortable, odorless, tasteless, easy to clean, protective, and won’t restrict your breathing.  Did we also mention how fashionable they are?

A properly-fitted sports guard is also very important for patients with braces. Physical contact can cause damage to the braces, causing additional dental problems. A sports guard can also create a barrier between the braces and your lips and cheeks, to help avoid injury to those tissues.

How to Care for Your Sports Guard

Although sports guards appear solid, they are actually porous. Like a sponge, they can soak up microorganisms from food and water. In order to keep a sports guard clean, patients should rinse their guard before and after each use, or brush it with a toothbrush. Sports guards should be kept in a sturdy, vented container, and should not be left in the sun or hot water. If a sports guard begins to wear or is no longer useful, it should be replaced.  Contact us today for more information.