teeth whitening

Has a stained smile got you down? Don’t worry- teeth whitening in Newnan can help! Teeth whitening is a great, non-invasive option to obtain that white, brilliant smile you’ve always wanted!

What Causes Teeth to Become Discolored?

There are many factors that can cause tooth enamel to become stained.
These include:

  • Aging
  • Medications
  • Tobacco use
  • Darkly colored beverages, such as:
    red wine, cola, and coffee
  • Illness
  • Injury to teeth

Teeth whitening at our office can help to remove these stains from the teeth for a whiter smile.

Who is a Teeth Whitening Candidate?

Although teeth whitening can be a great choice for some, not all patients are good candidates. If your gums have pulled away from the teeth, whitening may irritate these areas. Also, tooth decay and gum disease must be treated before whitening can take place. The color of fillings and crowns cannot be changed by teeth whitening.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure

In-office dental whitening is a relatively quick process, only lasting around one hour to complete. The teeth whiteners used in a dental office are much stronger than at-home products, and contain more peroxide.

First, your gums till be covered with a protective gel, and a whitening gel will be applied to your teeth. This gel will be left on for intervals of 15 minutes until your teeth have lifted to the desired shade.  A relieving gel will then be applied to your teeth, and you will be given instructions on which foods and drinks to temporarily avoid.
After your teeth whitening treatment, you may experience mild sensitivity. Brushing with toothpastes for sensitive teeth, like Sensodyne, can help, as well as avoid extremely hot or cold foods. If your teeth are still sensitive after a few days or sensitivity worsens, contact your dentist.

It is important that patients understand that too much whitening can cause damage to the teeth and gums. It is important to follow whitening product instructions and the advice of your dentist for the best results.

If you are interested in obtaining a brighter smile with tooth whitening, contact us today to schedule a consultation!