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Dr. Anna Schultz

An all-around healthy lifestyle requires keeping your teeth and gums healthy. This means adopting a few habits that can help you avoid periodontal (gum) disease and tooth decay (cavities)—like consistent dental check-ups, healthy eating, brushing, and flossing regularly. A sticky film of bacteria called plaque regularly covers your teeth after meals, and can harden over time to form tartar (calculus). Tartar can eventually lead to cavities, so it should be eliminated with regular professional cleanings.

Why Do I Need Teeth Cleaning?

Depending on the condition of your gum tissues, teeth cleanings should be completed at least once every six months. Cleaning appointments help to observe and reinforce proper brushing and flossing habits at home, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to any neglected areas. Problems like bad breath, gingivitis, tooth decay, bone loss, and tooth loss are aggravated when plaque is built up under the gums and around the teeth. Destructive bacteria can be eradicated by routine cleanings, ensuring the best dental health. Your overall wellness and health are also determined by your dental hygiene, which serves additional physical benefits. Regular dental check-ups are significant since they can also aid in the diagnosis of diabetes, oral cancer, and any abnormalities in the neck and head regions.

What Can I Expect At My Teeth Cleaning?

Teeth cleaning, a comprehensive process, first requires x-rays (taken at regular intervals) in order to thoroughly inspect those areas of the mouth that cannot be seen by your dentist or dental hygienist. Dr. Schultz and her team use the latest and most sophisticated dental instruments to painlessly and thoroughly clean your teeth by removing any built-up plaque and tartar at or below the gum line and on the teeth.

After your hygienist gently removes any tartar and plaque, your teeth will be flossed and polished with a special polishing agent to remove any discolorations or stains. An additional fluoride treatment will also be offered, as it remineralizes your enamel to protect your teeth against cavities, maintaining their health over the long-term.  Your dental examination will then be completed by Dr. Schultz, who will be able to detect any impending concerns related to the gums and teeth.

Cleanings and exams are an important part of your overall health, and shouldn’t be skipped! To schedule your check-up appointment with Dr. Schultz, contact our office today!

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