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We often think of tooth loss as something that happens while we are children or elderly adults. But many people lose their teeth, for many reasons, throughout their lifetime. Losing a tooth or teeth can have a negative effect not only on one’s confidence, but also on one’s ability to speak and chew. If you are looking to replace a tooth, or multiple teeth, a dental bridge may be a great option. 

At Schultz Family Dental, our team is made up of experienced professionals with amazing skills, to give you both comfortable visits and the appropriate fit for a new dental bridge. Dr. Anna Schultz is a highly sought-after dentist in the Newnan area. She and her team take great care to ensure they give the best care to their patients—from discussing treatment options to providing care.

Introducing The Dental Bridge

It’s truly amazing how modern technology has allowed us to create solutions that help drastically change people’s oral health and smiles. Dental bridges are one of these modern, stable, and effective technologies. A dental bridge consists of an artificial tooth in between two crowns. The support (or abutment) teeth need to be healthy, so that the bridge will remain stable. 

Before placing the dental bridge in the patient’s mouth, there are some preparations needed in order to achieve the appropriate fit for your teeth. One of these preparations involves reshaping the existing (abutment) teeth, so that the new crowns will be able to fit properly on top of the teeth.  A temporary bridge is then made, and the patient will return to our office a few weeks later so that the permanent bridge can then be securely cemented onto these healthy teeth. 

Why Do People Choose Dental Bridges? 

Dental bridges are very secure, stable, and aesthetically appealing. As we mentioned before, they can easily replace your missing tooth, but they can also replace multiple missing teeth, in certain situations.  Dental bridges can sometimes be more affordable than dental implants, and some patients may not be candidates for dental implants. Dental bridges are more comfortable than removable partial dentures, which are another option for multiple tooth replacement.  Overall, they are great, natural-looking and feeling restorations to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

What Can You Expect During Treatment? 

It will take a few dental visits to create and fit your new dental bridge. Dentists start by taking x-rays of your teeth, especially the area where tooth or teeth replacement is needed.  It is important to ensure that the supporting teeth for the bridge are healthy. Next, the existing teeth adjacent to the space will be contoured to make room for the crowns that will be placed on them. Afterwards, there will be impressions taken of your newly contoured teeth. Then, while the permanent bridge is being made in the lab, a temporary bridge is placed in your mouth to protect your teeth and gums. The last and final stage involves removal of the temporary bridge and cementation of the permanent bridge in its place. The fabrication of a dental bridge usually takes 2-3 appointments.

Care and Treatment of Dental Bridge 

Dr. Anna Schultz at Schultz Family Dental will give you specific directions to take care of your bridge at home, and will also demonstrate techniques and give you tools to help keep your new bridge clean and healthy. It is very important to keep the mouth and teeth clean, so infections or cavities don’t arise, and this ensures that your bridge will last for many years.

If you are missing a tooth or teeth, and would like to look at your replacement options, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Anna Schultz or fill out an appointment request form on our website.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your best dental health!

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