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This patient presented with congenitally missing lateral incisors (the two teeth on either side of his front teeth).  He’s had Maryland bridges (restorations designed to replace his missing teeth) since he was a child, but these had become loose, stained, and unsightly over the years, and he wanted a new look!  We discussed orthodontics and implant placement, but ultimately he decided on two new bridges instead!  From top to bottom: original photos, temporary bridges (a little stained because of the length of time he was in them post-surgery) with soft tissue grafting on his upper right canine (two teeth from the middle), and final restorations on the day of delivery.  Big smile, happy patient!

What a difference whitening treatment can make!  This patient presented to our office with dark teeth, due to the common culprits–coffee, tea, and wine.  We discussed in-office and take-home bleaching options to brighten her smile, which the patient agreed to. After an hour in our chair, we saw instant results!

This patient presented with a cavity on the chewing surface of her tooth.  Once we removed the decay, we used tooth-colored filling material (composite) to restore her tooth to its original glory!

This patient presented with a cavity on the chewing surface and back side of one of her molars.  Once the cavity was removed, a tooth-colored filling was placed to restore her missing tooth structure.  Now, the tooth is healthy and the patient is cavity-free!

This patient presented to our office for a cleaning, and it had been 2 years since she last saw a dentist.  We removed the calculus from her teeth, restoring her dental health!

This patient presented with two fractured front teeth.  After orthodontics and a procedure to improve the appearance of his gum tissue, this patient was left with two veneers and a beautiful new smile!

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Newnan, GA Dentist

We accept ALL major PPO dental insurance plans, credit cards and CareCredit as forms of payment. For patients with larger treatment needs, we will work hand in hand with you to find payment plans that are comfortable for you and your family. Please feel free to call or email us to inquire about your specific plan, and we’ll do our best to get information for you before your appointment!

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