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This patient never liked her two front teeth, but didn’t realize anything could be done about it. We discussed replacing the composite (tooth-colored) bonding (filling material) on her two front teeth, and she was so pleased with the result–even her husband noticed! All of this was completed in a single appointment, and is very easy to do to correct any cosmetic issues with chipped teeth or discolored restorations.

This patient came to our practice with a fractured bridge, which was completed a few years ago in another office.  We made improvements not only to the design of his new bridge, to prevent fracture, but also to the color.  His previous bridge was too light, compared to his adjacent teeth.  Using photography, shade guides, and much attention to detail…we were able to give this patient a final product that was so much better than his original!

This patient is 14 years old, and has been missing his lateral incisors (the two teeth adjacent to his front teeth) his whole life…some people are just born without them!  We worked with one of our great orthodontists to achieve ideal spacing, and because he’s still growing and is too young for dental implants, made him Maryland bridges to replace his missing teeth–allowing us to conservatively treat him without touching his adjacent teeth–until he’s ready for dental implants in a few years, if he wants them!  It’s amazing what we can do to change smiles every day, and it’s the collaborative efforts of an amazing dental team that make this possible!

This patient experienced years of wear and discoloration of his teeth, and was no longer happy with the way they looked.  We discussed some options for him, and decided on twelve crowns (6 on the top, 6 on the bottom) to restore not only his smile, but his dental health as well–as teeth were beginning to break down.  Sometimes, it’s not always about a bright, white, perfect smile as much as it is creating a smile that fits in harmoniously with the other teeth in the mouth.  This patient was very pleased!

This patient needed to have a tooth taken out because of a cavity, and did not want a dental implant.  We reviewed her options for tooth replacement, and she ultimately decided on a dental bridge.  We worked with a periodontist to remove the tooth, then made her a temporary bridge that we used to help shape her gum tissue while she healed, so that her dental bridge would look nice and natural.  The final photo shows you what that kind of tissue-shaping process can do to make your new bridge look amazing!

This patient had been in and out of my office for many years, frustrated and embarrassed by her smile.  We came up with a plan for her teeth that suited her needs, and are now on track to give her a boost of self-esteem, while making great progress toward improving her habits at home to protect her investment.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of filling material. This patient came in with a broken front tooth from an accident, and couldn’t afford a dental crown. We discussed his options, and he ended up selecting some tooth-colored filling material instead.

The FUN part about this case is that we can layer different shades of filling material, and even add a little staining, to make this tooth blend in with all his others. Sometimes, it’s not PERFECTION, but PERFECT for HIS SMILE that patients want, and we loved restoring his tooth for him!

This lovely lady came into our office and would barely smile because she was so self-conscious about the color of her teeth. She has what are called “tetracycline stains,” due to an extended dosage of the antibiotic as a child—and these can be challenging to treat effectively! She’d seen dentists in the past, but no one was ever able to help her.

Using Kor Whitening products, over a period of 8 weeks of home bleaching and 2 sessions in our office, she is laughing and smiling again—with no sensitivity to boot!

This patient came to our office dissatisfied with her smile—she hated the color of her teeth, her dark fillings, the stained tooth structure at the gum line—and her daughter was getting married in a month!

Working around her needs and time limitations, we whitened her teeth in our office using GLO Science, replaced her dark fillings between the teeth, repaired a chipped tooth, and restored her abfraction lesions (notches at the gum line) just in time for her daughter’s big day.

Sometimes a subtle change to your front teeth can make an amazing difference for your smile! This patient didn’t like the position of her front teeth, and wasn’t thrilled about orthodontic treatment as an adult to correct it. So we decided on crowns to correct their position instead! It’s important to note that there are sometimes limitations to a treatment plan when orthodontics aren’t involved, but she was still THRILLED  with her pearly whites!

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