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Dr. Anna Schultz

Have you been suffering from a toothache that is causing you pain and discomfort? You could possibly need a dental extraction to help you with the pain you’re experiencing. If your tooth has become broken or decayed badly enough that a crown or filling won’t fix it, then your dentist may want to extract (remove) the tooth and talk about options for its replacement.

There are a lot of reasons as to why extractions may be necessary, for example:

  • Extra teeth that block other teeth from coming in
  • Teeth as a source of infection
  • Too many teeth and not enough room for them (determined with an orthodontist)
  • Baby teeth that never fell out
  • Extremely damaged teeth

Another such reason may be wisdom teeth removal. Most people have their wisdom teeth removed in their lifetime, due to spacing issues and the way that these teeth erupt, making them difficult to clean and thus, more susceptible to decay.

Getting a Dental Extraction

A dental extraction is a procedure by which a dentist or oral surgeon uses special instruments to help loosen a tooth, in order to remove it easily. This procedure can be completed under general anesthesia by an oral surgeon, or with local anesthesia by a general dentist. We understand that nobody wants to have a tooth removed, so we try to make this process as easy and as painless as possible for you. There may be some bruising and/or swelling after the procedure, which can be managed with medication, as prescribed by your dentist.

Consulting With Your Dentist

Depending on the reason for and location of your extraction, it may be necessary for you to receive something to replace the tooth that has been removed. It is important to talk to your dentist to see what your tooth replacement options may be, either before or after having your tooth extracted. We want to make sure you receive the best care, and that you understand all the options available to you before you make a decision. The health of your teeth and mouth are our first priority!

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