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It’s a good thing if you’ve never found yourself in a dental emergency situation, but it’s still important to know when to go to a dentist and why. Although some people might not think that the teeth are an important part of their health, dental care can become absolutely necessary if your teeth are injured or create an infection. Here are some ways to know that you should see your dentist immediately.

What is a dental emergency?

A dental emergency can occur in many different forms, but there are some common factors that require immediate attention. This usually includes any bleeding, severe pain, loose teeth, swelling, or abnormal growths. These can be the result of an injury, or a condition that could cause damage to the surrounding teeth. In more extreme cases, you should see your dentist if your tooth or teeth are knocked out, cracked, or broken. Generally, you should listen to your body for signs that something is wrong and ensure that you regularly schedule your check-ups, so you understand what to watch out for.

Why should I see a dentist?

Although this can seem obvious, it’s still important to know why your dental health is important enough to immediately see your dentist in the event of an emergency. In cases of severe pain or bleeding because of swelling or growths in the mouth, these can be signs of more serious conditions that can require immediate diagnosis and treatment. Your dentist is well-trained in addressing problems of the mouth, head, and neck—and conditions that affect these areas can be dangerous because of their ability to create systemic health issues. Additionally, teeth that are broken can expose the nerve inside the tooth. If exposed to bacteria, this situation can be dangerous to your health and the integrity of your remaining teeth.

What can my dentist do?

In the case of many dental emergencies, time is your most important factor, since it can allow your dentist to save your tooth or teeth. Many restorative procedures can be performed quickly and efficiently in an emergency in order to place a temporary crown that can cover any exposed roots and restore function of the tooth. In some cases, your dentist can perform a root canal to drain and remove any infection that may be causing pain or swelling. If a tooth needs to be removed, this can also be performed, and even include the placement of implants to replace your missing tooth or teeth. In short, your dentist can work quickly and effectively to restore your teeth, and ensure they remain healthy after an injury or condition that causes infection.
When meeting a new dentist, it’s important to always establish their emergency hours and contact information before you need it. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Schultz to discuss your dental health, contact our Newnan office by calling or filling out our online form. We look forward to meeting you!

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